Thursday, July 28, 2005

He needs a break. Destroying a nation is hard work...

William Rivers Pitt follows up on Fixer's post:

Imagine you're the CEO of a company. The last several major decisions you've made have gotten a large number of your employees killed. The company you're working with overseas is taking a beating in its infrastructure. The customers you tried to entice with your product are arriving in morgues by the busload.

Several of your executives are about to get nailed to the shed for obstruction of justice and perjury, while words like "Treason" are whispered behind cupped hands. Your company is hemorrhaging cash from every pore, and your big plan for the future has turned out to be the largest threat to the continued existence of the business to come down the pike in a few generations.

Yeah. I guess I'd want a vacation, too.

Have a good time, Georgie. Don't worry about us, like I have to tell you that! Relax. Do some serious drinkin' and ride your bike a lot.

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