Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I hope he calls me that...

For a little light reading, go see what O'Lielly is up to, at News Hounds:
Comment: Has Bill O'Reilly lost his mind completely? Will Fox News allow this to continue? First off, let's talk plainly.Bill O'Reilly is calling people traitors not "terrorist helpers" and he is doing this on national television. The audacity of this act is beyond belief. Bill O'Reilly actually believes that he is entitled to do this to other people.

I suppose he and Michelle Malkin will be discussing plans for internment camps for "terrorist helpers" Your fate is in Bill O'Reilly's hands.

It might look a little funny when I have to climb up on a milk crate to bitch-slap that punk, but I'm always willing to look foolish for a good cause.

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