Saturday, July 30, 2005

Scouts were as prepared for Jamboree as Bush was for Iraq: NOT!

It got quite a few Scouts killed, wounded, and sick too. Not as bad as Iraq of course, but pretty bad for a campout in Virginia. From the LATimes:

Their motto is: "Be prepared." But as the disaster-riddled National Boy Scout Jamboree carries on following five deaths and hundreds of heat-related illnesses, event planners from across the country are wondering just how prepared the Scouts were.
"It's the most safety-conscious, risk-averse organization I've ever met in my life -- there's a policy for everything," Rudden said. "That's why it's just surprising that this happened. I mean, it's just counterintuitive to all that you're trained. You can't explain it."

Dude, everybody makes mistakes. The trick is to have the clout to cover it up. Haven't you learned anything from the Chimp? We'd have never heard a thing about it if this had happened to the Hitler Youth.

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