Monday, July 25, 2005


The Angry Old Broad writes an open letter to gay Republicans:

[. . .]

We here on the Liberal side,for the most part honestly don't care if you're gay.In fact,we actually think you can be gay and Christian(or whatever religion you care to embrace),gay and a great parent,gay and a great teacher, writer, journalist, politician, or anything else you want to be.Imagine,feeling fairly comfortable and embraced by a fairly large group of people,think of the lightening of your personal stress load.Now,I won't say that there's no prejudice or homophobia on the Left,we're not immune to that.But we social liberals for the most part would honestly end up embracing you if you could be open to letting us and stop buying into the RNC talking points.Come on,I know you've seen this homophobia on the Right,admit it,just to yourself for a few minutes.No one else has to know.

[. . .]

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