Monday, July 25, 2005


A question for all of our loyal readers I'd like some feedback on. Hell, anybody who wants to answer can. Since my book Technocracy is now on its way to bookstores, I can ponder this here without giving too much away. The underlying premise of my epic series of pulp fiction is the eventual move to a world government under the guise of the U.N. (or something like it). So, my question is:

Do you envision the world (we're talking 50 years in the future or more) eventually becoming a united planet with one government, or do you think it will still be a conglomeration of close to 200-odd different political entities? And a corollary question: Do you think a single planetary government would be a good thing?

That's it. I'm sure it won't strain your brains. Thanks.

And just a little elaboration here. I'm wondering if my fellow informed (if you're reading this, you're obviously not getting what you want from the news media) people are thinking long term. I hear very little anymore about the direction the country (the world) is headed, and where people believe we will be in a half-century or a century.

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