Sunday, July 24, 2005

More ineptitude

Billmon has a few things to say about the Dem fuckups (my take yesterday) vis a vis Karen 'Manly Yes, But I Like It Too' Hughes:

[. . .]

No biggie. Hughes, a prime architect of the White House's Iraq invasion propaganda blitz, was only fingered in The New York Times today as one of the several thousand White House officials called to testify in front of Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury. Not enough for any of the Dems to justify getting up in the morning, I guess.

This is like the little scene after the outfielder and the second baseman let the ball drop between them:

"I thought you had it!" "I thought you had it!"

Or, as Think Progress aptly titles its post: Excuse me, but do you ENJOY being in the minority??

Apparently so. It beats working for a living, anyway.

All this would be bad enough, but Think Progress (which really should get some kind of public service award for trying to help the poor, pitiful Dems) goes on to describe the love letter that Joe Biden submitted in lieu of a personal appearance:

[. . .]

Which begets the question:

. . . I had been under the misimpression that Biden was preparing to run for president as a Democrat . . .

Somebody better take Ol' Joe out behind the woodshed. He certainly won't get my vote for President. WTF, Joe? Does MBNA have their arm that far up your ass?

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