Monday, July 25, 2005

I can't remember, I can't recall

Our new SCOTUS nominee:

[. . .]

And remember John Roberts's eminently parseable denial that he had "no recollection" of belonging to The Federalist Society, the uber-winger front organization whose "elves" worked with Linda Tripp, White Feather's Mom, and Ken Starr to overthrow Clinton . . .

Ahh, but through the magic of Google, Lambert finds:

[. . .]

It gets better. Not only did Roberts, um, forget that he was in the Federalist Society's Leadership Directory, he forgot that he was on the Steering Committee:

Roberts is one of 19 steering committee members listed in the directory, which was provided to The Post by Alfred F. Ross, president of the Institute for Democracy Studies in New York, a liberal group that has published reports critical of the society.

Federalist Society Executive Vice President Leonard A. Leo said that either he or another official of the organization recruited Roberts for the committee. Roberts's task was to serve "as a point of contact within the firm to let people know what is going on" with the organization.

[. . .]

So, for all you folks who thought (p)resident Leaky Sphincter was putting up a consensus candidate, think again. There's too much going on beneath the surface for this guy to be confirmed. I hope the Dems have some balls in committee and ask real questions instead of that collegial bullshit they always fall back on. Hey, congressweasels, the rules have changed. Get with the program. Deeds speak louder than rhetoric. Do something about this instead of shrugging your shoulders and giving him a pass. Everything Chimpy does is for politcal gain and, by allowing the Roberts confirmation, you're only screwing yourselves (and the rest of us). Much, much more at Corrente.

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