Monday, January 16, 2006

Band of Brothers

I just heard about Band of Brothers, an outfit formed to assist Veterans who are running for office in 2006. Their motto is "Veterans for a secure America".

Band of Brothers is a new political organization formed to assist Democratic veterans running for elected office. We've already identified more than three dozen fighting men and women who need our help to challenge the current administration on its failed policies at home and abroad.

They are all strong, principled citizens who have had enough of the current direction of our country, and are ready to fight - as Democrats have always fought - for solutions to the problems of security, health care, and corporate and political corruption. Some have served in the current war in Iraq, some have served our country at other times. But each candidate supported by Band of Brothers must in turn support Our Values.

Sounds good to me. Vets, and the rest of you, MOUNT UP*!

* For those of you unfamiliar with this dreaded phrase, it means get off yer dead ass and on yer dyin' feet, shoulder your pack and rifle and move out.

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