Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Maybe they heard us?

As you know, I've been bitching about the Dems, and their chronic condition of soft-spine and zero-nut, for the last couple days. It seems someone has heard me or the big shots are actually seeing the same thing after a bunch of miserable failures last week. John Kerry came out yesterday on Wolfie's show and backed up what Hillary and Al Gore said in the previous two days. Good for him.

Seems to be working too because the Republicans have their panties in a wad. After Al, Hil, and John (sounds like there's a song in there) spoke out, the pundits were yapping like underfed Yorkies. You know they're worried when, in response to truth, all they can say was Hillary's use of the word 'plantation' in that context was racist. The mock outrage was laughable. Seems that Al Sharpton and all the other brothers and sisters who came to see Hil speak in Harlem on MLK Day didn't have a problem with it, in fact they cheered heartily. So, are the Repubs saying Hil is biased against whites? Shut the fuck up.

Next I hear the Repubs are putting McCain out there to 'take the high ground' in this ethics mess. Note to the GOP and John McCain in particular. There is no high ground left for you people. You are a crooked, criminal organization and parading McCain's ass around will do nothing to change that opinion. Not when that fat little troll Denny Hastert comes out and says 'we have to adjust the rules'. Asshole. The GOP has been adjusting the rules to suit them for 5 years and throwing McCain out there won't change that. No adjustment necessary, guys, just follow the fucking rules and things will be just peachy.

Five years ago, there was a different public perception of McCain. Now we know he's just suffering from battered wife syndrome. Has to be the way the Chimp has disrespected him and he still comes back for more. Five years ago he would have found support among Dems. Today, he's nothing but a White House fluffer. Time for the people of AZ wise up and send him to his retirement house in Sedona.

Ladies and gentlemen, the high ground is closed to the GOP unless we surrender it to them. Don't be fooled by McCain's 'reaching across the aisle'. We know where 'bipartisansip' has gotten us. We don't need an 'ethics deal' right now, we can wait until next January for that. The Repubs are the ones who need it to give them political cover come November. Let them swing and don't give them a place to hide.

In this Congress, there are no ethical Republicans. By their deeds it should be obvious. By their unquestioning support of the Chimp it should be obvious. Do not give them sanctuary by allowing them to 'adjust the rules'. Remember that when you see the bullshit coming in like the high tide.

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