Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds*

Enigma has a great rant up about the illegal spying on American citizens by Chimpy Inc.


And if one more little size 2 Twinkette in Vera Wang on the screen calls it "Eavesdropping" I may have to start throwing something sturdier than marshmallows at the TV. I am sick of Religous Geesus crap and Military uniforms paraded Fauntleroy Style across my screen giving speeches about protecting the Homeland. See after my home has been entered illegally numerous times in the past three years, I don't really know much about "security", especically at home. And some other time we can talk about what they did to my Medical Records and Library and Bookstore records. (or you can read my post from earlier in the month about Closing the Cafe).


She's been dicked over for being a voice. This will happen to more and more people until these crooks and fascists are run outta Washington.

*Click the link and it'll make sense.

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