Monday, January 16, 2006

Gore on C-Span

I just watched Al Gore give a speech on C-Span, sponsored by the Liberty Coalition, and I'm still awake!

The subject of said speech was the illegal wiretapping and the expansion and abuse of presidential power. Also the complicity of Congress in letting Bush do it, the culture of corruption, and the danger to the Constitution. He called for Congress to take back their equality as a branch of government.

It was a stirring speech. If he had spoken like that five years ago he'd be President today. I'm not particularly an Al Gore supporter, but it's obvious to me we'd be better off as a nation with him in the Oval Office. He dropped the ball big time in '00, but he seems to be getting a second wind.

It's too soon to get a link to this speech, but I'll keep my eyes open. You do the same.


Raw Story has the speech. Thanks, Sis.

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