Friday, January 20, 2006

A good week

Last week was a miserable Democratic failure and I gave 'em Hell for it. This week was much better. Democrats showed some ball. Clinton, Gore, and Kerry scored well and there was little Republican counterpunch. The weak faux outrage over the use of the word 'plantation' is not reminiscent of the Republican best and withered a news cycle later. And, just to throw a little more cold water on the Repubs' already shriveled weenies, Osama bin Forgotten pops up to remind the Chimp they are still joined at the hip. Shouldn'ta got all John Wayne on us 4 years ago because all anybody remembers is "Dead or Alive" and he still is.

So I ask you all; how does it feel? How does it feel to win one? How does it feel to see the Repubs back up a step? How does it feel to see that look in the bully's eyes after someone hits him back. "Hey, maybe I pushed this guy too far?" Because that's what the Dems did this week. They showed unity and strength and the Repubs had to shut up. Feels pretty good to me.

So I ask the Dems today, because it's Friday, are you gonna forget the lesson you learned this week by the time Monday rolls around? It's time to do the same with Alito. Stand up, say no, and take that idiot from Nebraska, who said he'd vote for Alito, out back and set him straight. Filibuster, I'm beggin' ya.

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