Thursday, January 19, 2006

Supporting the troops

Just plain old props:


The next day, May 5, 2004, an Army officer notified Buryj's wife and parents in Canton, Ohio, that he had been killed in a crash early that morning. Several days later, as the family pressed for more information, a casualty assistance officer said that Buryj also had been shot. A death certificate that arrived in July listed a gunshot wound as the cause of death, but provided no information about the circumstances.

Peggy Buryj asked everyone she could to help find out the details of her son's last hours. She even asked President Bush when she and other grieving parents met with him during a campaign stop in hotly contested Ohio. He promised to look into it. Soon afterward, she said, his campaign called and asked her to appear in a commercial for him, but she declined.


Real good. Fuck this lady, fuck her family, fuck the memory of her son, what's in it for me. But, like a good, brainwashed Ohioan:


Even today, 20 months later, Peggy Buryj -- a Bush supporter who believes strongly in the Iraq war -- is left with swirling questions, a shattered faith in the Army, and the unsettling feeling that her son's death has been sullied by partisan politics and international intrigue. [my em]


Denial or stupidity, you decide. But good god, woman, the man murdered your son. His death wasn't sullied, his life was wasted. Hold the Chimp accountable for cryin' out loud.

Link via Lambert.

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