Sunday, October 1, 2006

College Republicans: Liars and Pussies

Ann Arbor News

Everybody agrees last Saturday night in Ann Arbor ended badly for Justin Zatkoff when the Republican student activist was hit in the face so hard that he couldn't recall the attack and would need hours of surgery.

But with weeks left before the November elections, rumors quickly spread in Republican circles that Zatkoff was viciously beaten for his political views in one of the state's bluest of cities.

In the days following the attack, the conservative student Web site Truth Caucus posted photos of his injured face, pronounced the incident a "hate crime," and speculated it was the work of "liberal thugs." A Republican organizer in Michigan e-mailed campus Republicans, warning them to travel in groups until the election was over. And pretty soon, the matter was fodder for major political Web sites, like Wonkette.

Ain't that just the Repug way?

Ann Arbor police said Friday there's no truth to the rumors.

While at a party that began last Saturday night, police said Zatkoff picked a fight with some of his friends, and got punched in the eye. Police interviewed Zatkoff at a hospital the next day and he didn't recall what happened.

People who were at the party told police Zatkoff had too much to drink, said Ann Arbor police Lt. Mike Logghe.

"We interviewed the guy who punched him," said Logghe. "He admitted to punching him. He said he was a friend of his from high school."

Guy gets drunk at a party and lips off to his buddy, and his buddy punches his lights out. I think anybody who hasn't been directly involved in something like that has at least seen it happen. Youth plus booze equals fistfights, folks, many of them of the one-punch variety. Just part of growin' up.

For a wingnut website to instantly blame it on "liberal thugs" is a uniquely Repuglican spin. There's certainly nothing unique about 'em lying and blaming the opposition, but wouldn't liberals 'cut and run'? Couldn't one Young Republican, no doubt a stalwart example of studly moral turpitude rectitude, take a bunch of sissy liberals?

As for the advice to "travel in groups because the beastly liberals are out to get you", whoever came up with that ought to be embarrassed at his own pussitude!

That made my day.


You vill go see The CultureGhost's take on zis. If you do not, ve haff vays of making you, ja?

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