Saturday, October 7, 2006

Really Good Music Alert!

On Friday night, it was my good fortune to catch Bela Fleck and the Flecktones on the season debut of the Sierra Center Stage series on PBS.

This group is great! The series says it's dedicated to 'American Roots Music', but these guys are kinda RootsJazzFusionWTFGrass with just a touch of Celtic and maybe a little Martian. They defy description, other than 'amazing'. They're all outstanding musicians. Fleck is a master banjo picker (oral history here), Victor Wooten, the bass player, is terrific, wind man Jeff Coffin can play anything you can blow air through, and the percussionist, "Futureman", who has the strangest instrument I've ever seen, as well as drums, is not to be missed!

The Sierra Center Stage series starts tomorrow night, Sunday the 8th, on many stations. Don't miss it.


Go click around the Sierra Center Stage site. There'll be twelve shows with twelve different artists, and there are musical video clips for each one. There's going to be some damn good shows!