Thursday, October 5, 2006

Iraq Veterans For Progress

From the Atlanta Progressive News

Iraq Veterans for Progress (IVFP) is supporting the campaigns of four candidates running for the US House and Senate, and creating jobs for veterans at the same time: by sending veterans of the US Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan to help the campaigns in any way they can.

Air Force Veteran Tim Goodrich, who also co-founded Iraq Veterans Against the War, is the Executive Director of IVFP, a political action committee that launched a little over one month ago in Los Angeles, California.

Hmmm. I guess these AF weenies are good for something after all. (wink)

Goodrich took part in and witnessed the bombing of Iraq while President Bush was still telling the public diplomacy was the top priority.

These inconsistent and apparently misleading actions did not sit well with Goodrich, and his thinking on certain issues began to change.

IVFP supports several platforms they see as solutions to ending the US Invasion of Iraq, bringing the troops home in a safe, timely manner, and perhaps preventing this situation from happening in the future.

These goals include: Replacing US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, renouncing the practice of preemptive war, using military intervention only as a last resort, and ensuring Veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

Please go read the rest. They have an interesting approach to campaign contributions: they send a Veteran to help.

One of the candidates they're supporting is Jerry McNerney (CA-11) who is running against Richard Pombo (R), one of the most corrupt California congressmen. Bush was in California a couple of days ago stumping for him and my congressman Doolittle, one of the other most corrupt California congressmen. They must be in trouble if the Chimp came to help. It's a good sign.

Doolittle is up against Charlie Brown in CA-04, also an Air Force Vet.

Go check out their program at Iraq Veterans For Progress.

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