Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Riffin' on Pagegate

Since the big news of the day seems to be wall-to-wall all-pedofoleygate-all-the-time, all the really important stuff is relegated to second place. I mean, it's fun to see the Republicans trying to cover their fat hairy white asses. Really fun! Even with all the bullshit normally available in D.C. and on the airwaves, there's an amazing amount of it being thrown around. Smells like a barnyard. Kinda bucolic, actually.

Everybody's blaming everybody else. There's so many fingers pointing in so many directions, someone's gonna get their eye put out. The ooze is spreading far and wide, even though it doesn't appear the page's butt cheeks actually did.

It's just another Repuglican cover-up to hide their true hypocritical natures from their tight-assed hypocritical Puritanical 'base' in an election year. Business as usual.

The circumstances and timing of this scandal are nearly perfect. There is a God!

If Foley had been making hot chat with a young girl, this would have been just a blip. The fundies would have let it pass, even understood. They know a man can easily be seduced by a sexy, tempting young Jezebel, what with those firm, creamy, bouncy, forbidden naughty parts. Vessels of unholiness, the lot of 'em, man's downfall. They need to be exorcised by full immersion baptism in a thin cotton shift. In cold water, to really have the proper effect. Might be the only boner some of the church elders get all year.

For this to involve a pedophiliac closeted homosexual congressman, the pride of Southern manhood from Florida, no less, is more than they can bear. That he was in charge of the committee to protect youngsters from adult predation is icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. Given the Repugs' constant gay-bashing and their hypocrisy about 'moral' and 'family' values coming into the light, this whole deal could easily be the biggest nail in their coffin. R.I.P., Repug power.

Blaming Clinton and trying to scare the American public into keeping them in power out of fear of terrorists and Nancy Pelosi ain't gonna work this time. By covering this deal up for a year for sure, perhaps five years, they done pissed off every parent in this country.

It's a little disturbing that this almost-but-not-quite-sex scandal is likely to have more of an effect on the upcoming elections than things like, oh, I don't know, a criminal incompetent president and his band of brigands, not-so-slowly creeping fascism, ownership of the government by Big Oil 'n Pills Etc., the death of Habeus Corpus, and the abrogation of the Constitution, among many other things.

But only a little disturbing. If it works to get these pricks out of power, I'll take it.

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