Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Crossing the line

We crossed into the Atlantic about 1 this morning and what a sight. Africa to port, Europe to starboard and we entered into the Straits of Gibraltar. The rock was extraordinary itself, the city lit up below, the rock rising like a black shadow, almost like a jagged back hole was ripped into the horizon. Impressive, but I just wish we would have gone through in the daytime so I could get some pictures.

Today we had a port call in Cadiz, Spain and took a bus tour through Cadiz and the city of Jerez de la Frontinera, ending in a stop at the Gonzalez-Bayass Winery (sorry about the darkness of some of the pics from the cellars but they wouldn't let me use the flash), one of the biggest sherry producers in the world. I can't stand the shit, but the Mrs enjoyed herself at the tasting. This will be our last stop on the Iberian Peninsula and mainland Europe. Horta, the Azores is next and another stop in the islands after before heading across the Atlantic to Bermuda.

My plan to take pics of my day aboard ship yesterday fell a little short thanks to birthday celebrations which ended last night this morning at about 2:30. The alarm at 6 to catch the tour was seriously unwelcome. I'll put together my tour of Noordam on my next at sea day, when I have a little more free time and I'm not loaded not that loaded.

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