Thursday, October 5, 2006

"Liars for Jesus"

I came across Talk To Action in the normal course of my erratic skiddin' around the Net.

You have arrived here, most likely, out of your concern about the "religious right", the Christian right, Christian nationalism, encroaching theocracy....

You are concerned, you want to know more. You want to know what you can do.

Talk To Action is an online publication, and a forum for discussion, that is focused with unparalleled intensity on the rise of the Christian right as a social and political force - and on what those who are opposed to that movement can do to counter it.

Their motto is "Reclaiming Citizenship, History, and Faith".

The "Liars For Jesus" was the first post I came to, about the revisionist fictitious parallel history of a christian America, which led me right to my very own congresscritter, John Doolittle:

On August 8, 2006,, Talk To Action author moiv began her story entitled The Religious Right's 800-Pound Abortion Gorilla - On the willingness, by leaders on the Christian and religious right, to look the other way as the GOP raked in profits from the Marianas garment industry - despite a de-facto forced abortion regime imposed on the Chinese women migrant laborers in the Marianas sweatshops, and a seedy sex (and sex slave) trade that thrived alongside the garment industry. Now, several Dem. campaigns have put the gathering scandal to political use.

RAW Story is showcasing a video clip from a debate in which Democratic challenger Retired Lt. Col. Charlie Brown, candidate for California's 4th District, said the following about his GOP opponent: "Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) knew of and tolerated forced abortions, sex slavery and sweatshop conditions in the Northern Marianas Islands " ( see here for further coverage of Brown's new TV ads making the "slave slavery / forced abortion $ assertions" )

It's good to know someone besides me is watching this and trying to spread the word.

Go see Talk To Action. Extensive site, lots of stuff. Tell us what you think.

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