Sunday, October 1, 2006

GOP - Gross Old Perverts

Go read Lurch at Main and Central in the wake of the new wave of outrage at Rep. Foley's conduct. Click the links. Foley ain't the only one by a long shot.

I'm sure that phrases like "What are you wearing?", "Does it make you horny?", and "Did you spank it today?" have their place in some small corner of the adult world, but they're criminally inappropriate from a 50-year-old man to a 16-year-old boy.

Hastert and Boehner's year-long knowledge of Foley's conduct without action is inexcusable. Period. They are accomplices and conspirators after the fact and should be charged as such. They won't be. Repug pervs look out for one another in a veritable protective daisy chain.

Yesterday, the LATimes had an article about a proposed 'colony' for sex offenders. They could just erect a wall around Republican HQ. Make the wall high enough we can't see over it, please.



Foley Built Career as Protector of Children

What a perfect metaphor for the Repuglican party!

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