Thursday, November 9, 2006

Boo Freakin' Hoo

America can lay claim to a plethora of bullies of all kinds. Most Americans, at one point or another, have either been a bully or have been bullied in large and small ways. The bullies have been in charge for much longer than BushCo has been in power,it always been that way. To a certain degree, the nation lionizes and admires bullies,hell,watch "reality TV"for awhile,the biggest asshole usually wins. Work in The Corporation for awhile,it's obvious who gets ahead,the biggest asshole,almost without fail. The prickier the better. And when they get pricked back,they immediately reveal how old they are mentally.

The problem with this of course is that there are always jackasses who like to smack other people around,either literally,or emotionally,or both. Small,shallow,spoiled,cruel spawn of some horrific and demented,souless meeting of the Damned. So what could be solid tenaciousness and a firmly grounded work ethic and sense of responsibility is perverted to a mindless need to destroy something or someone every single day. And to do that with a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Which is my long winded way of saying that striving for "success" is twisted into a lack of emotional maturity and a breakdown in having any empathy at all,for anything or anyone. Sprinkle in a sense of selfish entitlement and exceptionalism and you have what truly are the very worst qualities human beings are capable of. Abusive,greedy self entitlement can only end badly,nothing good comes from it,ever.

This sort of madness sucks the energy and life force out of anything good,or beautiful,or unspoiled,or free,or joyous,or life affirming. It's exhausting and even deadly sometimes for those on the recieving end. Which is exactly why we are where we are as a Nation at the moment. It's like an abusive relationship in striking ways. The upside is, it's possible to escape and heal, to fight back and win. But it's not easy or bloodless,you gotta reach deep,be smart,fight smart and mostly,feel the fear and move ahead BECAUSE of the Fear,not in spite of it. I think,in part at least,this is why America just turned out to vote as we did. We're starting to wake up and see that the fear is being inflicted on us,it's made up shit mostly. Made up by soft pasty rich guys and all their enablers. Soft pasty rich guys who go around stirring up shit wherever they go because they operate on the notion of chaos making it easier to rape and pillage and steal and become obscenely wealthy. If you can turn people on each other,neighbor against neighbor, parent against child(or vice versa),friend against friend,race against race,religion against religion,gender against gender, hetero vs homo,well,that's how you really fuck up a country. The system lets you get rich doing it,it's the ultimate human weakness,greed.

America is way too strong to be destroyed from outside. The people in power know this,they've used our fears and prejudices on us from the beginning of time to keep a ruling class in place. And we lose in that deal,they don't. As we see....

Now,I don't expect what I've just said here to be common wisdom for quite some time. I think,to put it simply, that most of us are sick and tired of being kicked around and picked the (much)lesser of two evils with a bit of "wtf,it couldn't be alot worse"from the people who defected away from the GOP this time around. We're not"there"yet,seeing en masse that alot of the shit we fight amongst ourselves about is foisted upon us by the UnAmericans in our midst and the ones in charge of things. IMO,part of the whole Progressive "thing"should be to point that out to people,firmly,but gently with alarming regularity. United We Stand,Divided We Fall and all that stuff. This is not to say we don't have some really amazing Dems who just got elected(or re-elected),but others will need watching and kept on track,progressively speaking. We can do that,if the work that we put into this election is any indication.

Fortunately for Us,we had a pretty decent Democratic Republic thingy happening before the current facist hoardes and their flying monkeys got the keys to Everything. We have a much softer place to land,than say, people in South America who have to rise up from totally destroyed countries and fight their own brands of corruption and powerful,rich people who fuck things up for everyone else. We'd be wise,I think, to use that soft landing place to our advantage.

We have much to clean up before we get back on track though,the work is going to be exhausting and tireless. We simply must band together and not allow little,petty,and idiotic things to keep us divided. The Task at Hand will be much easier if we have each other's backs. That's how we really win this thing in the end. At the end of the day,most of us want the same stuff. A healthy place to live and work,good schools for the kiddies, a fair day's pay for a fair day's work,health care that doesn't make us go broke,safe streets, a place to call home, food on the table and maybe,the shot at a better life for ourselves and our families than those before us had.

The list of people we're supposed to be hating has become so large that people are finally seeing that hit home. Like all of the sudden they're supposed to hate the same neighbor you've lived next to for years and really become fond of (wingnuts don't have those experiences,they can't relate). Your kids play together, you hang out sometimes or are at least cordial,hating on your brown neighbor,or your liberal neighbor,or your gay neighbor fucks up the neighborhood,who would want to make life tough when it's going ok? Most people wouldn't. When you've already seen someone as a human pretty much like you that inflicted hate doesn't make any sense. And this is part of why today's conservatives are quickly finding themselves on the outside looking in. AND IT"S DRIVING THEM NUTS. Which,while really amusing,also makes them dangerous. This shit ain't over by a long shot.

Everytime we put differences aside and work together,a wingnut's head explodes while they cry. And to that,we should turn together and say loudly and proudly:

Boo Freakin' Hoo. We Got Better Things To Do. Than Listen To You. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Freakin' Hoo.

Get with the program,grow the fuck up,contribute something good and constructive,or move the FUCK out of the way and go be an asshole on your own time,in your room. You can come out when you can behave like an adult,if you're lucky.

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