Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Voters Angered by Robo Calls in California

TPM Muckraker

From TPM Reader DG in California's 4th District, where the NRCC robo calls have been hitting:

We were calling Dems today to GOTV. Phone Bankers are getting yelled at by Dems who have been getting the Robo Calls and blame Brown. Another aspect to this is that the phone banker volunteers get discouraged after being yelled at so much, you hear "Is this really doing any good calling these people?"

Update: We're trying to get as many examples of the NRCC's robo calls together that we can. We're collecting them here.

I must have said "fuck you" to machines forty times in the last few days.

A lady, an actual person, called me on behalf of a coupla candidates for our local airport district. I said I was already going to vote for them and the gal was so relieved not to get yelled at or cussed out that I could hear her relax. We had a nice chat.

The illegality lies in the robocallers' not identifying themselves at the beginning of the call. That they purport or mislead folks into thinking it's from the opposing candidate is just sleazy. If you listen to the call, they identify themselves at the end, but who does? Hell, I've hung up on both Clintons and Al Gore this week. Mrs. G talks to them...

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