Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Election Day

If you do nothing else today:


We've said all we can by this point; it's up to you the People now. If you're sick and tired of what's gone on over the past 6 years, you have no excuse not to go to the polls today. My wonderful staff and I have given you all the info you need to make an informed decision and now you have the ball. We can't go to the polls and pull the lever for you. Get up and do the right thing.

My day will be pretty crazy. I'm leaving in a couple minutes to take the Mrs. to the airport, yes she voted via absentee ballot, and then I'm off to vote before I go to work. Dave Mejias will be campaigning on Long Island's north shore today and I extended the invitation for them to make an appearance at the shop. I can drum up a crowd in seconds so I'm on a 2 minute warning for that. Tonight, I'll be with the Mejias camp as the election results come in. Don't know about liveblogging, I haven't determined what kind of Internet access I'll have, but I'll have details one way or another.



I'll see you when I can.

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