Thursday, November 9, 2006

Ya see ...

What Gord and I have been telling yas for 2 1/2 years? Bullies are cowards and the Rethugs are bullies. Once ya hit 'em back they run.

Look at Rummy's situation. The voting machines hadn't even cooled off yet and he's submitting his resignation, and the Chimp wasted no time in accepting. Know why? Because we just hit 'em back really hard. Instead of standing up and continuing the 'you're doing a heckuva job, Rummy' line, they run and throw their big pal under the bus. In record time. If they actually believed their own bullshit, Rummy would still be there two years from now. The guy who had a permanent job a couple days ago, the guy they all had confidence in to win the 'War on Terra' is now a goat. Cowardly.

Look at Rush Lintball and the other Rethug talking heads and bloggers, now saying they're 'liberated' from having to carry someone's water whom they don't believe in. Cowards. Spineless cowards who'd compromise their 'principles' for a temporary ride on the Gravy Train. How can you repeat talking points you know to be lies, you know are doing damage to the nation, you know are getting Americans killed only because it's the Party Line? Now they're trying to have it both ways. Didn't they break Kerry's balls for being a 'flip-flopper'? Much as I have my own issues with John Kerry, he has more ethics and principle in his little finger than the right wing blogosphere and pundit corps combined. Lintball, Hannity, and the rest should swing right along with Chimpy, Darth, and Rummy.

These are the people who will do anything and say anything just for a paycheck. In the last 48 hours, you've seen the Right's true colors. Incompetence, disloyalty, and cowardice. These are the people who've been running your nation for the last 6 years.

Take a good look at their true nature and remember for the next time they tell you only they know what's good for America.

I got yer 'family values', right here.

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