Saturday, November 11, 2006

War Stories from Ward 7-D

Stolen from AOB in comments because she says it so well:


Dems need to get on the stick and get more money and people working for the VA, for PTSD therapies, head trauma injuries(Randi's caller was also recovering from brain damage)and get these folks some money for mortgages and college. That's the LEAST we should be doing for our veterans. There also needs to be money set aside to get our homeless vets off the street,their numbers are growing and that is NOT acceptable.

Last night I watched a show on San Francisco PBS station KQED called "California Connected" about some Iraq Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury undergoing lengthy treatment at the VA hospital in Palo Alto CA. These kids are going to have to live with their condition for sixty or more years.

The show itself made me cry for the young soldiers that were profiled. The concurrent thought that funding for TBI research and treatment has been cut ENRAGED me.

TBI is the signature injury of Bush's War.

Please go watch "War Stories From Ward 7-D". Since the show was made in California for California viewers, I don't know if it has been aired elsewhere. It's a half-hour show and I know that's a big commitment of your time, but I also know that this show needs to be seen by as many folks as possible to galvanize them into demanding some action from our new Congress.

Most of us are privileged to go about our business as usual this Veterans Day. Many of these TBI casualties will never have normal 'business as usual' ever again. It behooves us as a nation, and as caring people, to make sure they get rehabilitated to the extent possible and that their needs are met for as long as it takes.

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