Tuesday, November 7, 2006

GOP Must Go


There may be little Americans can do to atone for this presidency, which will stain our country's reputation for a long time. But the process of recovering our good name must begin somewhere, and the logical place is in the voting booth this Nov. 7. If we are fortunate, we can produce a result that is seen - in Washington, in Peoria, and in world capitals from Prague to Kuala Lumpur - as a repudiation of George W. Bush and the war of aggression he launched against Iraq.

On Nov. 7, the world will be watching as we go to the polls, seeking to ascertain whether the American people have the wisdom to try to correct a disastrous course. Posterity will note too if their collective decision is one that captured the attention of historians - that of a people voting, again and again, to endorse a leader taking a country in a catastrophic direction. The choice is in our hands.

God help us if we make the wrong one.

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