Saturday, January 13, 2007

2 F.U.s

President Bush's new operation to secure Baghdad will begin in earnest with a push by thousands of U.S. and Iraqi troops in the first week of February, and its chances of success should be evident within a few months, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told lawmakers yesterday.

If the plan works, the United States could begin drawing down troop levels by the end of the year, Gates said. If the Iraqi government does not deliver troops and political and economic support, he said, the United States could withhold many of the 21,500 additional troops Bush has ordered to secure the most violent parts of Iraq. [my em]


Hmmmm ... Didn't I hear this horseshit* from Rummy in 2003? I wonder what these guys are thinking now?

TRENTON, N.J. -- New Jersey Army National Guard troops currently in Iraq will be staying an extra 125 days as part of President Bush's new policy to send more troops to the region, news that was met by anger from political leaders and disappointment from the troops' families.

A total of 159 troops from a reconnaissance unit and a battalion support unit will be affected, including 148 who are New Jersey residents; the others come from Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York.


I caught an interview with NJ Governor Corzine this morning, who's rightly pissed. He visited this very same unit a few months back and to a man they said they couldn't wait to get home. Well shut up, bend over, and take it, guys. You've got your President's legacy to protect.

Not only has the Chimp and his carnival of idiots brought our active duty forces to the breaking point, he's misused our citizen soldiers to the point of leaving us vulnerable at home.


And then there are the guys who are just losing it because they've been there too long:

... Between Christmas and New Year's 2006, five U.S. soldiers committed suicide after being informed they'd been ordered to serve an additional tour in Iraq ...

*Tip o' the Brain to Atrios for the link.

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