Thursday, January 11, 2007

Deadly Embrace

MoDo at Tennessee Guerilla Women.

My colleague Tom Friedman (yeah, yeah, button it - G.) wrote last week: "Whenever I hear this surge idea, I think of a couple who recently got married but the marriage was never very solid. Then one day they say to each other, 'Hey, let's have a baby, that will bring us together.' It never works. If the underlying union is not there, adding a baby won't help."

Some women say that the Surge will not work because it's like starting over with an old boyfriend: you think you've learned the pitfalls and can resume with more success - you can set benchmarks! - but instead you're swiftly ensnared by the same old failures. And the most maddening romances, of course, are those in which you think you have the power, you should have the power, but somehow in the end, you don't have the power.

With the Surge, as with the invasion of Iraq, W. is like the presumptuous date "who reserves a hotel room and then asks you to the prom," as my friend Dana Calvo put it.

Teddy Kennedy gave a speech at the National Press Club yesterday about his new legislation that would require Congressional approval before troop levels can be increased. Afterward, he was asked if he would try to block the escalation with an amendment to an upcoming Iraq spending request.

"The horse will be out of the barn by the time we get there," Senator Kennedy replied. "The president makes his speech now. We're going to get the appropriation request probably the end of January, early February." He said it could take eight more weeks for Congress to act. "By that time, the troops will already be there," he said. "And then we'll be asked, are we going to deny the body armor to the young men and women over there?"

In other words, the president will ask us to the prom once he reserves the hotel room.

I got a hunch it's gonna end up for Bush the same way it always does - lyin' on the hotel bed alone, watchin' porn with his dick in his hand, too drunk to get it up, and blamin' his date.

While people die.

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