Friday, January 12, 2007

Webb comes through for Vets

At last, something positive. What a relief...

Bob Geiger

Keeping a promise he made on the campaign trail in 2006, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) did more for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on his first day in the Senate than the man he ousted, George Felix Allen, did in the entire previous Congress.

Going unnoticed in the frenzy of Democrats assuming control of Capitol Hill and George W. Bush seeking to plunge the country deeper into the Iraq quagmire, Webb introduced the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2007, legislation that will provide the newest Veterans with educational benefits like those received by men and women who served in the three decades following World War II.

This bill deserves to pass. A lot of today's combat Vets have a Hell of a lot more combat time than WWII or even Vietnam Vets. Those that don't, will, unless a miracle occurs. Even normally non-combat troops are in more peril than ever before. Combat or not, they are all in our service, however much we dislike what they are made to do, and we owe 'em big time.

This is a good one to write your legislators about. I did.

A tip o' the Brain to WKMaier, one of Lurch's fine commenters.

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