Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Mosque On The Prairie

There's a lotta TV news today. This one's from Canuckistan. BBC News:

I'm with a group of surprised camels, a 300lb chicken shwarma and a bemused comedy writer in a wintry, wet Toronto square.

We're here for the launch of CBC's new sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie, which depicts a Muslim community trying to assimilate in a small prairie town.

That leaves me speechless. I gotta call my cable company and see if they can get CBC. I hope this show is as funny as Will and Grace!

Go see the reaction from some Canadian Muslims.

Maybe some American TV hotshot will do a spinoff about U.S. fundies trying to assimilate in L.A. Better yet, Frisco. Nah. Never happen. First, they ain't funny, and second, there'd be Hell to pay. They take themselves too seriously, but it'd be a hoot for the rest of us to poke fun at 'em.

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