Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bush makes it clear: He will only listen to impeachment

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In these two short months since an election that was supposed to have turned the country around, it has become increasingly clear that everybody got the message except George Bush.

Bush is clearly determined to ram his plans through, in the pursuit of a dreamed-of victory in Iraq, come hell or high Congress. The ONLY card that Congress can legitimately play, against his dog-headedness, is the impeachment card.

This is precisely what that playing card is for, and the means are at hand to accomplish it. Everyone knows, very well, that Bush has been guilty of crimes for which he can be tried and impeached. It's quite true that we have no way of being sure that an impeachment will follow the trial . . . but isn't that what a trial is all about? We'll know when we get there. But we shall NEVER know if we don't get there.

Are trials normally avoided because we cannot be sure of guilt in advance?

What a quaint notion that is!


And from my perspective, that is precisely reason enough to pursue the impeachment.

Remember I5: Investigation, Indictment, Impeachment, Incarceration, Inhangthesonofabitch.

Let's do it before he commits his next sociopathic crime against law and humanity.

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