Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who dies

Remember how I said we missed everybody in Somalia? Well, here's who we didn't miss:

The herdsmen had gathered with their animals around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes. But lit up by the flames, they became latest victims of America's war on terror.

It was their tragedy to be misidentified in a secret operation by special forces attempting to kill three top al-Qa'ida leaders in southern Somalia.


I wonder what those poor bastids thought before they died, when the night sky opened up like the Gates of Hell. I wonder if they thought they'd angered their gods? I wonder if they died thinking they'd done something so wrong, yet been totally unaware of. Buncha goatherders trying to be comfortable after a hard day's work. Something you and I do every day, and for that they died. They were killed in your name, to keep you safe from 'terrorists', and their blood is on your hands as well as mine. It will be unless we get these assholes out of the White House real soon.

Great thanks to Dr. Attaturk for the link,

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