Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bottom line

Glenn Greenwald:


But the current situation is completely different. Even according to the war's remaining advocates -- particularly those who want to escalate in Iraq -- there is a serious and harmful shortage of willing volunteers to fight in Iraq and to enable a more aggressive application of U.S. military force generally. So we do now have a situation where those who are cheering on more war and escalation really are needed not at the computer screen but on the battlefield, in combat. And their refusal to fight is actually impeding the plans of those on whom the President is relying for "Victory."


This surge in Iraq is gonna be a fizzle. They can't scare up enough troops, according to Greenwald 9000 is about it, and less and less of America's youngsters (the Yellow Elephants sure ain't going) are willing to sacrifice their bodies and minds, maybe even their souls, for a lost cause.

Time to leave, one way or another.

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