Sunday, January 7, 2007

An AOB catch up post

1) I shall be disappearing as of about 7pm this Wednesday(the 10th)because my surgery is scheduled for 10 in the morning on the 11th(Thursday). I'm having 4 teeth surgically removed,I'll be under a general anesthetic(hold me,I'm scared of that shit) during that and on pain meds for a couple days after. So,if I happen to post something that looks like this between Thursday and Monday:

Snertfurm @#$%!,forsenatrus oestricula lberg gabba whee

You'll know that somehow I managed to get to the computer without falling on my face,and Fixer or Gord can just delete that nonsense. I apologize in advance,just in case.

2) Calling all geeky nerd types:
I am a complete moron when it comes to computers or technology of any sort,so,I am placing a call for recommendations for the following:

a)an inexpensive yet well made laptop computer for surfing the internets,email,pictures from my digital camera and for writing(more on that in a moment). Appearently we have wireless capability now,according to The Husband. Not that I need a laptop,but if I know what I want,it's entirely possible I could get one for my birthday in few months. I don't even know what a reasonable price is for a laptop. I've seen 'em for 500 bucks all the way up to 2 grand,yipes.

b) What would a person need to create audio files,and how would one set up a website for said audio files? I ask because I'm thinking of starting a project with my son,a fledgeling mom and son internet radio station type thing. Also,the kiddo wants to make movies,perhaps even his own animations and I have no earthly idea how to encourage that by getting him what he needs to do such a thing. Obviously he needs a video camera for live action filming,but it needs to be one that will load onto a computer and then maybe even eventually make it to the internets. He's going to be 13 in March,and I figure the things he'd need to get started would be a good b-day gift,as long as it doesn't cost me a king's ransom. He's a kid,so the camera especially needs to be able to take some abuse.

c)My stupid ass Microsoft Word program keeps shutting down. I write a half a page and it dies. This has been going on for awhile now,I have no clue wtf is wrong. I need a word processing program because I want to start submitting articles and essays to magazines and the like and perhaps make a dollar or two this year. Plus,I want to write a book and I need a program that allows for that. Something reliable that won't fuck up every 5 minutes. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

3) As of tommorrow night,it has been 4 weeks since I've smoked a cigarette. Yay me. I step down to the lowest dose of nicotine patch after tommorrow,and then it's supposedly pretty easy to go from that to no patch at all. I shall find out how easy it is soon. This whole process has not been even a little easy,especially with another smoker in the house. The nicotine withdrawl,even with the patch, has triggered serious depression,there's been a couple days where I cried over dumbass shit all day long. If I could do one thing over again in the process I think I would have prepared a little more before I quit. I've also gained almost 10 lbs,which isn't helpful to me feeling all that fabulous and stunning.

Ok,enough of me now,and as always,thanks in advance for anything helpful or wonderous you care to contribute.

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