Friday, April 27, 2007

America Since 1980: A Right Turn Leading to a Dead End


The piece begins with:

U.S. politics took a sharp turn to the right in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan as president.

And goes downhill from there, much like the U.S., to end with:

This is a bad situation for a bully to be in. After a quarter century of not caring about the concerns of other countries, the United States is facing a situation where other countries may not care much about our plight. We may soon wish that we had spent more effort building up meaningful international institutions when we had the opportunity.

If Repuglicant policy is allowed to run its course and make a few people unconscionably wealthy, and everybody else beggin' poor, and no one else in the world gives a shit, in fact takes pleasure at our discomfort, I have no doubt people will wonder WTF happened and how can they treat us that way? The answer is plain for all to see.

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