Thursday, April 26, 2007

'Kremlin Justice'

The Carpetbagger Report on Rove's violations of the Hatch Act:

Rove & Co. never explicitly instructed federal employees to take specific actions on behalf of GOP candidates, because that would obviously violate the Hatch Act. Instead, they'd just lead the horse to water, and tell the horse how incredibly important it was for him to drink. If the horse suddenly started drinking the water, that certainly wasn't Rove’s fault.

The administration maintains that the previously undisclosed meetings were appropriate. Those discussing the briefings on the record yesterday uniformly described them as merely "informational briefings about the political landscape."

What a coincidence. All of these employees were using the exact same phrase ... almost as if they'd been instructed on exactly what to say when asked about the administration's illegal political operation.

As Paul Kiel explained, "The entire scheme has been laid out before us. The question now is whether Karl Rove will get away with it."

Rove thinks he's got enough power that his shit don't stink. I want to see his face get rubbed in it.

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