Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crow v Rove

HuffPo's got the goods on Sheryl Crow's confrontation with Turdblossom at the White House Stenographer Corps dinner.

In his attempt to dismiss us, Mr. Rove turned to head toward his table, but as soon as he did so, Sheryl reached out to touch his arm. Karl swung around and spat, "Don't touch me." How hardened and removed from reality must a person be to refuse to be touched by Sheryl Crow? Unphased (I think she means 'unfazed' - G.), Sheryl abruptly responded, "You can't speak to us like that, you work for us." Karl then quipped, "I don't work for you, I work for the American people." To which Sheryl promptly reminded him, "We are the American people."

Note to Sheryl Crow: I volunteer. You may touch me in any manner you so choose and gift yourself with as much giddy delight as you can stand. You can call me Steve McQueen all you want, too. Of course, that's not much of a stretch...

See Editor & Publisher for more details, including Rich Little's 'bomb run'.

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