Friday, April 27, 2007

Class Act

That would be Steve Soto. You don't see a right wing blogger, nor many 'legitimate' news sources, point out their own mistakes. As I said when I took umbrage with a post of his (a rarity, I assure you) a while back (as did a lot of other commenters) I love Soto and this is one of the reasons why.

Update: I feel obligated to point out that I was wrong. Some commenters have correctly said that many of you knew the surge was a lie and doomed to fail from the outset. I on the other hand (for once) wanted to give the Bush Administration the benefit of the doubt based on what I originally saw from Robert Gates. Even though I qualified my support for the surge, I was wrong and many of you were correct from the start.


As Steve writes today:


The original sales job done by this administration for the surge back in January is now inoperative. We were told by the administration that we would be surging while the Iraqis would be undertaking political reconciliation and achieving benchmarks during the remainder of 2007. According to today's Post, it isn't happening. Additional proof came from Petraeus himself this morning when he said things are more complex than imagined and our situation will get worse before it gets better. That’s if it gets better. Yet Joe Lieberman says today that we need to stay and fight Al Qaeda in the middle of a sectarian war, requiring our soldiers to fight everyone at the same time even without any political reconciliation.


So now we've wasted more lives for the political machinations of the Bush administration. Personally, I'm tired of this "let's try this and see if it works" approach to this war. Nobody knows what the fuck to do, from Bush, to his Defense Secretary, to morons like Lieberman, to the "generals on the ground", so they're pulling plans out of their ass. The 'surge' was a failure (I don't want to hear we only have 60% of the 'surge troops' on the ground. After 3 months, if all the elements aren't in place yet, it ain't a surge) and all we have to show for it is a couple hundred new, flag-draped coffins arriving in the dead of night.

As my esteemed colleague JerseyGuy reminds us regularly, it is time to impeach these people. Get them out of office and then put them in jail.

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