Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Impeachment. Why?

In all discussions of impeachment, what gets prominently discussed is "Why not?". Some say that it will "distract from the Democratic agenda", to which I respond that Bush in the Oval Office is the biggest distraction from the Democratic agenda possible. Some say that, given the current configuration of Congress, it stands no chance of success. I'll give them that one. For now. One never hears, however, what I consider the number 2 reason for going forward (#1 being lying their way into an illegal war that has taken the lives of 10s, if not 100s of thousands of people and maimed countless others. If that doesn't define "High crimes and misdemeanors", I don't know what does.). Back to the #2 reason to proceed. It will provide a platform to air the entire case against Bush, Cheney and company before the entire American public and, in fact, before the entire world. It is extremely important that that is done. Sooner, not later. Once the evidence starts being presented in a fashion that the MSM cannot afford to ignore, I am certain that the bandwagon will pick up enough speed that there will be no question of success.


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