Friday, April 27, 2007

Dem 'Debate': Ho-Hum

I had that thing on while I did other things. Nothing Earth-shattering happened, although Joe Biden got off a good one: when asked if he thought he could convince Americans that his renowned verbosity would not get in his way as president, he gave a one-word answer - "Yes" - and then just stood there. Great comedic timing. Laughter ensued. It was probably the high spot of the event.

I couldn't even tell you without looking it up how many candidates were there. Seven? Eight? I never heard of that Gravel guy before, and I missed Al Sharpton not being there. I'm glad they let everybody participate, but that will probably change.

Nobody waffle-stomped any of their appendages or shot any toes off. It was about what I expected, a preliminary job interview with everybody on their best behavior. Boring.

I think the main purpose of the whole deal, indeed of this whole looong election season, was to comply with the TV Pundit Full-Employment Act.

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