Thursday, September 20, 2007

Assholes v. Dickheads

Birmingham Blues - Suburban Housewife Gone Bad (Intriguing, no?)

This is too funny. Larry Klaymans’ Judicial Watch, the right-wing Scaife-funded “watchdog” group that spent most of the 1990’s suing the Clinton administration, is suing Ari Fleischer’s pro-war Freedom’s Watch for trademark infringement. Seems the TV show West Wing parodied the litigious organization back in 2000, creating a fictional group called Freedom Watch. Klayman was flattered, and bought rights to the name.

Right-wing smackdowns are so entertaining.

Ari Fleischit's war-mongering commercials are getting personal with me - I get one Nevada TV station and I watch Jeopardy on it every night. They've been airing those bullshit ads for a coupla weeks now.

Then KOLO-TV adds insult to injury: paired up with Ari's Seig oder Sibirien scam are religious ads for the Mormons. I had to re-install the chicken wire in front of my set.

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