Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let's be clear ...

When I posted a link to Atrios' post about Harry Reid finally laying down the law, it was met with understandable cynicism. Personally, I agree with the cynics but it would be a refreshing change if we actually managed to end this mess before the elections next year.

I quoted Kevin Drum the other day, naming the real reason we won't see a conclusion to Bush's Folly.

... And finally, Democrats would no longer have the war as an issue to run on in 2008.

I think we should resign ourselves to the fact that even if it's within the Dems' power to force the Chimp to pull back, it won't happen.

Unfortunately, the Iraq Occupation has been the easiest thing for the Dems to flog to illustrate the Chimp's incompetence. It is simple. All they have to do is point and say "look how bad it is over there". There's no need for 'nuance', no need to explain policy or legal issues to the populace so they understand the issues (sometimes we as bloggers tend to overestimate the general public's ... attention to the issues). Iraq is an easy soundbyte.

"Look, dead soldiers."

"Look, dead Iraqis."

"Look, the wasted money."

"Look, the ineptitude."

"Look, Candidate A, B, C, and D supported the President in this fiasco."

They don't have to do 'nuance' (remember Kerry '04). They don't have to explain policy and procedure and they don't have to explain legal precedent. They just have to point, the horrific failure obvious to all except the Chimp's 'true believers'. The Dems are going to use it all the way to next November and they will not end the horror until they are assured of victory.

Politically expedient but disgusting never the less. The Dems will use Iraq for their purposes just as the Chimp used it for his. Unfortunately, the only ones who are paying are the troops and the Iraqis.


That is why, though Kleiman's treatise sounds great, it will never be implemented. The ongoing Iraq War is a known quantity, a massive cudgel with which to beat the Republicans. What becomes of Iraq after U.S. troops leave is a political uncertainty. The Dems will never leave themselves so exposed if it all goes to shit over there when we leave (you know the Rethugs will say "look, we pulled out and now the whole region is in chaos"). Not until President Clinton (most likely) sits in the Oval Office. They're not going to jeopardize their advantage.

Off to the shop ...

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