Saturday, September 22, 2007

Put a cork in it...

You vill click, ja?

AFP via Raw Story

A prosecutor in Bolzano, northern Italy seized wine bottle labels on Wednesday bearing a portrait of Hitler and other Nazis from a winery near the Austrian border, the company said.

The Lunardelli company said it had sold around 20,000 bottles featuring the Hitler labels per year. It also sold wine with images of Mussolini on the label, which were not seized by police.

The bottles make up part of a product line started in 1995 called the "historic collection", selling wine with labels with the faces of Winston Churchill, Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Marxist philosopher, Adolph Hitler, Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, and Che Guevara.

I wonder if they have Bush on a label in their "Dictators and Despots" line? Oh, right, he's in the bottle, not on it...

The Regional Pist, Regina's Proudly Independent Drunken News
has more which you can go see. Apparently, folks from Northern Europe ain't too pleased with what the paisans in Southern Europe are up to.

I'm not a wine man. To me, Italian wine is red and comes in a raffia-covered bottle with a big plate of spaghetti.

I tried some German wine once. I think Gewürztraminer is German for 'battery acid'.


On a related note:

British professor wins prize for bar-fight research

Done a little research on that topic my own self over the years. The 'prizes' I got took days to wear off and sometimes required sunglasses even after dark. Heh.

Rowdy bars may no longer be quite as dangerous thanks to a British professor who won a criminology prize on Wednesday for his work showing how injuries from broken glass can be reduced.

Limey beer mugs are heavy and have handles. You can get a pretty good swing goin' with one of 'em. My preferred method, right in between the obligatory "Oh yeah?" and the "You !@#$%^&*...", is: raise mug to lips, drain said of suds, lower the mug to the length of your arm in a cross-body fashion and backhand the sucker right in the chops with it. Try to surprise him. If you do it in a nice smooth motion you'll get extra style points in addition to maybe not getting hit back! A good follow-through helps with that, in other words: Apply, repeat as necessary.

If you can, hit your opponent with a bottle of ketchup - if it breaks, he'll think he's bleeding to death. Fight over. You win.

One word of caution: Be prepared to vibrate for several minutes after clockin' someone with an unbreakable bottle!

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