Friday, September 21, 2007

God responds to lawsuit

Following up on my previous post, the Almighty has apparently heard that He is being sued and gives enough of a Holy Shit to respond. From AP:

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A legislator who filed a lawsuit against God has gotten something he might not have expected: a response. One of two court filings from "God" came Wednesday under otherworldly circumstances, according to John Friend, clerk of the Douglas County District Court in Omaha.

"This one miraculously appeared on the counter. It just all of a sudden was here — poof!" Friend said.

Poof - just like that! Yep, that's Him.

Chambers, a self-proclaimed agnostic who often criticizes Christians, said his filing was triggered by a federal lawsuit he considers frivolous. He said he's trying to makes the point that anybody can sue anybody.

Not so, says "God." His response argues that the defendant is immune from some earthly laws and the court lacks jurisdiction.

It adds that blaming God for human oppression and suffering misses an important point.

"I created man and woman with free will and next to the promise of immortal life, free will is my greatest gift to you," according to the response, as read by Friend.

There was no contact information on the filing, although St. Michael the Archangel is listed as a witness, Friend said.

If you don't think God has a sense of humor, and a sick one at that, look around at the other shoppers next time you go to Wal-Mart. Or at Bush.

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