Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mandatory Christianity


A military watchdog organization filed a lawsuit in federal court Tuesday against the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and a US Army major, on behalf of an Army soldier stationed in Iraq. The suit charges the Pentagon with widespread constitutional violations by allegedly trying to force the soldier to embrace evangelical Christianity and then retaliating against him when he refused.

The complaint, filed in US District Court in Kansas City, by the nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), on behalf of Jeremy Hall, an Army specialist currently on active duty in Speicher, Iraq, alleges that Hall's First Amendment rights were violated beginning last Thanksgiving when, because of his atheist beliefs, he declined to participate in a Christian prayer ceremony commemorating the holiday.

I think I need not point out but will anyway that Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. It matters not. The 1st Amendment guarantee of 'freedom of religion' also guarantees 'freedom from religion'.

The complaint charges that Hall, who is based at Fort Riley, Kansas (Figures - G), has been forced to "submit to a religious test as a qualification to his post as a soldier in the United States Army," a violation of Article VI, Clause 3 of the Constitution.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation said Defense Secretary Robert Gates is named as a defendant in the lawsuit because he has allowed the military to engage in "a pattern and practice of constitutionally impermissible promotions of religious beliefs within the Department of Defense and the United States military."

The higher-highers who pulled this shit are hardly living up to their oath to defend the Constitution, and breaking the law as well. So what's new?

I hope this trooper takes 'em for their shorts, and makes 'em knock off this cheap shit.

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