Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bachelor's Paradise

I was just out walking the pups and this panorama made me go get my camera so I could share. This is a rear view of my neighbor Jim's house. He rents out a coupla bedrooms and he likes peace and quiet, so he rents to middle-aged bachelors. They come and go, but there's always one or two around.

Click to waaaay embiggen

From left to right, notice the woodpile conveniently sited at pants-off-in-any-weather distance from the living room door. Then, two, count 'em two gas grills with sufficient fuel to process the catch of the day from the fishing boat on the far right (next to the spare grill! Yeesh. Wretched excess is barely enough!). Moving on, the roofed-over all-weather stoner couch with beer cooler, and last, the horseshoe pitch. All with a lovely southern exposure.

From the door next to the couch all the way to the left is the garage. Heaven.

The boys in my 'hood know how to live. Especially Jim. He spends his winters in Cali.

By the way, the old Toyota Land Cruiser to the right of the fishing boat belongs to Danny, who went to Cali with Jim last winter and never came back. He's got a pacemaker. I hope it's got a 'fast' switch on it. Heh. If yer in the market for a Jap Jeep with a Chevy small block (Chevota? Toylet?), lemme know.

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