Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home is the sailor. With nothing to do...

Upon successfully vanquishing the Somali pirates and one or two of the world's less effectual navies, me 'n Fixer discuss the most likely liberty port for a little gleeful debauchery economic revitalization.

Ever the over-achieving multitaskers, we may find a way to study the effects of recession on older, heavier, more reassuring babes at the same time! Win-win!

We have a few days before we have to return our rental to Liberia. ALWAYS get the extra insurance!

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I will leave you now with a chorus of our ship's song*:

"We're all men on this old boat
and none of us are sissies.
We tuck each other in at night
and blow each other...


*Thank you, Martin Mull.

B&w photo is of USS New Orleans at Tulagi, Solomon Islands, 1942, after having her bow and forward turret blown off by a Japanese torpedo. I was at the VA facility in Prescott AZ with a man who was in her when it happened.

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