Sunday, November 16, 2008

Letters From Sea

A big part of the fun of YouTube is ending up in very strange places, listening to truly weird and wonderful stuff. I was cruisin' fer sea shanties, which I like, which inevitably led to tavern songs, which I like, and in short order I found LordDracoArakis who puts these songs to anime, which I also like some of.

This one has two songs by 'The Merry Wives Of Windsor', who say of themselves:

There has been much debate as to how to describe The Merry Wives of Windsor's music. The obvious choice is to use terms like "nagging" or "man-hating," but that's not the case. Our attitude toward men is more of a despondent pity, like a mother who has come to the grim realization her child is an idiot

Very practical ladies, I think...

The first song is about a gal whose husband has been away at sea for waaaay too long. The second song is about a gal whose father sired 'All The Lads In Town' and contains this line that shoved me off the edge and made me put this up:

"The boy that I will marry will keep me satiated
And ev'ry night in bed I'll pray that we are not related!"

How could I resist? Please enjoy. These gals are good!

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