Friday, November 21, 2008

Worthless ...

Thankfully it's almost over. I just wanted to pass along my thanks to the stupid, moronic, imbecilic, dumbass people in America who voted for our Idiot-in-Chief (half of you, you fucking idiots) twice. (I'll give anybody the benefit of the doubt once)

You've helped destroy almost every foundation and principle this once-great nation was built upon. The 'shining beacon of freedom and democracy' has become nothing but a Third World, banana republic, tin horn dictatorship.

Just because you fuckwits had to have a beer with the Chimp, this country is sliding toward the cliff, on the balls of it's ass, holding on for dear life. Your stupidity, as you repeated every stupid line Fox 'News' fed into you tiny pea brains, is vomit-inducing. If this weren't America, I'd let my German hang out. I'd have you all rounded up and sent to reeductation camps, to be reindoctrinated into reality. Those of you beyond hope would be sterilized to ensure they would not pass your fucked-up genetics on to another generation. But I'm not. I'm a proud American.

This nation is a bloody mess, the stains of which cover your hands directly, and all you can do is ... blame Clinton.

Do me a favor, morons. If you voted for Bush twice, tear up your voter registration card. It's obvious you don't understand how the system works, nor America's place in the world, and your involvement is detrimental to its future. You've taken the discourse to the level of an elementary school playground. It is not a game, nor is it a TV show. Stay home, watch reality TV and your favorite preacher man, and stay out of shit you know nothing about.

You've done enough, thank you.

Pic swiped from Michael F.

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