Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not to pee ...

On anyone's sunshine a couple weeks after "America's Best Election" (serious, no cynicism there), but I can't get with all the happy.

Yes, I'm happy Obama won.

Yes, I'm proud to be part of, and witness to, one of the greatest milestones in American history. A black President has been too long in coming and a woman's time is long past due.

Yes, I'm thrilled Bush is starting to reap some of what he's sown.

And yes, I am absolutely aroused and engorged listening to the Republicans whine every afternoon on Wolfie while I'm playing Bob Vila.

That said, ain't shit been fixed yet. Ain't shit gonna get fixed until 21 January 2009 and after. I'll withold my masturbatory giddiness until then. I can't get excited over every appointment, over every speculation over what the agenda will be with this guy at HHS or this girl at State.

Let me see these people work as a team, under what seems to be good leadership so far (Barry's demeanor impresses me, reminds me of an old CO I had and respected greatly), as opposed to a buncha self-serving egomaniacs. We all know, with the crew assembled so far, either eventuality is possible.

After 8 years of nothing but disappointment, I refuse to let myself get all excited at "what might be". Been down that road too many times with this bunch and the Dems never fail to under achieve. When I see positive results, then you'll see me dancing in the streets, naked, with nothing more than a necktie, a cigar, and a tall glass of water.

Talk is cheap.

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